Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary !

Another year has flown by, so we are celebrating our 32nd anniversary today. Wow how did we get so old so fast? I know we aren't doing anything much tonight. The initial plans this morning was to go to the temple. We have tried to make a tradition of such, however Tony has misplaced his recommend, so needs to locate it first. Instead we went to Ikea to check out what all the hip has been about since it opened a week or so ago. We had a fun time, but really were not interested in what they had. It was very much the 60's style, and very expensive. It reminded us of a big maze that took us awhile to figure out how to get out. We landed at Acapulco's for dinner. We do have allot of projects going on, one of which is to stain the back deck, so that might be our romantic evening together. At least we plan being together still after this long.

Monday night we went to a surprise 35th Anniversary Party for Kathy and Mike Roelle, that Nick and Lisa put on at the Monarch Hotel. It was a lovely dinner, and they were truly shocked. I'm sure if they knew what was happening they wouldn't have attended, however everyone did there parts. It was very nice.

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