Monday, August 27, 2007

Remodel in progress

We've had many requests for more pictures of the changes being made here at home. Everything is so much slower than I remember from years ago, but we are moving forward, which makes us very happy. Its the details that takes so much longer, yet makes everything so complete and beautiful. I'm just so happy for the fresh new look.
As you can see we finally have a floor in the pantry. It might seem strange to have a wood floor, yet it matches the family room, as well as the entry floor without adding another flooring to the variety we already have. All of them really look nice.
Tony and I had quite a challenge putting in the thermo window in the family room. We made changes years ago to the other windows in the house, so it was time to replace it. Not only was the opening 1" off square, but for Tony to lift it from the outside, and have me hold it from the inside while he screwed it in while on the ladder. I kept envisioning him falling, and I couldn't do anything about it. I was very glad to have him back on the ground. There again it is probably an age thing, knowing he doesn't bounce like he used to.
Tonight we fed the missionaries, and also found a new home for our couches. I would have never thought to give them to the elders, yet they were so excited to have them, and get rid of the mismatched, broken down furniture that they have. Now we have a truck load of there furniture to dump. Such a trade. Look at the blessings. The living room is completely empty which makes it a challenge to really relax at this point to watch the news. If it really bothered Tony he would bring his chair back into the living room, but he just sat on the floor without any problem. We should be getting our couch and love seat on Friday, or Saturday.

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JoAnna and Zack said...

it all looks so good. I cant wait to see it at thanksgiving or christmas. you have done a great job.