Sunday, May 13, 2012

The best Mother's day gift

Checking out the squadron
Snuggling before going to get daddy
Waiting for the bus with signs in hand

I know my mom is thinking 'does this kid ever wear shoes??'  When we pulled up we saw the bus on its way to get the group.  We panicked thinking they were arriving..after grabbing kids, camera & our welcome items we decided 'screw the shoes!"

C'mon bus

Oh happy day!!!
A great reunion indeed!  While juggling so many heavy bags--following a long travel--my hubby is still smiling & anxious to greet us.  Ethan rushed to the bus doors as soon as they popped open.  (I apologize--while fixing red-eye it altered my hubby's an odd tint will have to do..)

A tired boy, but content & happy greeting his dad.  Later both boys were running in circles with chem. lights..
 (Same thing happened here causing my clown make-up)  Thrilled to be together at last. We have all been so watched over & blessed with a great support system.  Happy Mother's day!!  This is my best yet I'd have to say.  I will take my hubby at home, assisting where he can (& maybe even sleeping in with breakfast) over jewelry any day.  He's been at work a bit each day --and had to leave this afternoon for tomorrow's training--but has been so great with jumping in with burning debris to activities as a family & even pressuring washing.  I love my boy & am so glad our family's united again.  Love & hugs to you all. 


JoAnna and Zack said...

What a great mothers day, to get your husband home. Love the pictures. and so happy Anthony is home safe. love you all.

Lorna said...

That is a wonderful Mother's Day gift for both of us. Can't look at these photo's without tears in our eyes. Thank you for sharing these pictures. What a great day to celebrate!!! Love you all.

nanadover said...

Welcome Home Anthony! Job well done, and much appreciated! Love you guys and are so thankful you are together again. Hugs!

Naomi said...

I'm so happy for you Chelsea! What a great Mother's Day gift indeed. :-)
I appreciated saying hello to y'all via Skype too. It's great to see gorgeous you and your lot of handsome boys. Love from Texas!