Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun In the Sun

The weather in Phoenix seemed to me to be perfect in the 80' range.  Not to hot, or cold.  
Tony would gather towels for everyone first thing so we would be prepared when we got out since it always seemed a big chilly when we were wet.  
   One day we managed to go swimming twice to play games or relax, and the girls never tired of the water which was so much fun for both Tony and I.
Brenna used a foam noodle to hang on to while kicking and playing in the water,  
but even more fun was when she would blow into the end, or have grampa D. blow into the center hole as she would point in at his face, so the water inside the noodle would spray him or whomever in the face. That game never got old to her. She would laugh over and over again.
 Another game she love was to have grampa swim under the water and pop up somewhere else.  She would watch so carefully to figure where he would come up, then giggle some more.
There were times we all would take a turn to relax, read, or sit out to take pictures, then get back into the pool to play more.
Harlow loved being in the water in her blow up starfish.  
 When she got tired she would lay her head on the starfish and just watch the rest of us.
 Never did she seem to object.  

The girls big smiles were always a  highlight, and would brighten our days.

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Naomi said...

Looks like so much fun! Savannah loves playing with the swim noodles too. :) That game of blowing into it never gets old for these cuties.
Y'all are a bunch of bathing beauties!