Friday, June 22, 2012

Family first in Texas.

Upon arriving in Texas, our first stop was to the park for family photo's.  This was a moment together to treasure.

 The cousins got to meet one another for the first time all together.  They seemed to get along wonderfully together.  It always amazes me how even the littlest ones draw to the babies. Parker and Harlow thought Isaiah was very fascinating.


After 4 years we were finally all together.  My have we multiplied.
Isn't it wonderful?

It was so much fun just watching everyone interact, and joke around.  Truly a dream come true.


 So many sacrifices were made for this time to happen.
                                                                           Thank you all for such an amazing time. 



nanadover said...

I LOVE the big feet under the bench with all the grandbabies! So funny! Such a fun time together. Thanks for sharing!

DeRoest's in GA. said...

A lot of great pics of everyone--thank you for posting (: It's fun to see a big, happy family together.