Monday, April 11, 2011

"Happy Birthday"

One week ago today my brother Ron had another Birthday.
We were able to celebrate both his 47th, and Pops 89th birthday together, yesterday on the 10th.
It was great to meet with the few family members that are here in town, but it made it even better when Sandi and Eric surprised us all with their visit after traveling in from Utah.
I'm not to sure how much Pops took in, but he was sure excited about the cupcake, and ice cream. We barely got him to blow out the candle before taking a big bite of the cake. Nothing was slowing him down.
Tony's mom, Blanche has always been very supportive in celebrating with us for many Birthdays. It was nice to have her with us.
I think she enjoyed it as well.
As I get older I get more and more sentimental about the time I am able to spend with family. It seems to be few and far between anymore.

Mother was tickled to have us together. Linda, and Lonnie you were missed.

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Naomi said...

What a great surprise that Auntie Ssndi and Uncle Erik made an appearance at the party! So glad that y'all could have fun celebrating two great folks.