Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ethan's 4th birthday & other recent happenings

Monday was Ethan's birthday & we had a party as a fam once daddy arrived home. Anthony came home during lunch which was a nice surprise too. We'd just come in from the store & he helped us with a few things before having to leave. Ethan had a super early bath and (somewhat comical..but not) I juggled making dinner, appeasing the boys, setting up the party and cleaning in the frenzy..all at once. We had fun pinning the tail on the donkey after dinner followed by cake, ice cream & gifts. Last night he & I had a belated birthday outing to see Hop. It was a cute show & nice to get out with just him. He had a bit of a rough time being the antsy boy he is. He and Parker also had immunizations yesterday. Due to the fact, he was not a big fan of walking. Big days...more exhausting!
In our haste the candle was put on after everyone had a plate..

Anthony & brother during the singing

Ethan's done great with school time (about two years now) and Parker started veggies & fruits this last week. He's also been eager to scoot and talk.

We are looking forward to the Atlanta Temple open house. It will be a first for me going through an open house and also being in Atlanta. Anthony has a date planned with Ethan which they're excited about. We're planning to see the aquarium before heading home. It will be a blur but nice to get away. Lots of sacrifices on everyone's part..I think after this school business is over we need a vacation just to recover and celebrate. I'm proud of my hubby and our two sweet boys. Love & hugs from Georgia


nanadover said...

Very cute pictures! I love the raincoat!

Lorna DeRoest said...

Sound like you all had a fun time celebrating, and have more fun that is ahead in Atlanta.

Naomi said...

Yay the birthday celebrations continued! I just looked over and see that I still have Ethan's gift on our kitchen the celebrations will continue even longer when it arrives! lol. I agree with statements already made - very cute pics, love the raincoat, and I look forward to more fun adventures. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Texas.