Sunday, September 5, 2010

Inquisitive neighbor Children

The word must have got out that there were very white skinned people visiting Winnie because the one day we just relaxed at home there were children coming from all direction, many just to look from the boundary of the property.
I was really getting a kick out of looking around to see all the peering eyes.

Soon they were brave enough to come close, and even play with Savannah as she would get so excited about all of her friends. She would squeal with delight. At one point she said "they all love me"

Some of these pictures were the children of those that were helping Winnie with cooking or cleaning. In fact this little one was named after Winnie.

To look into the eyes of these young ones just melted my heart.
I didn't know the circumstances of their homes, but my heart wanted to gather each one.
My camera was in the house at one point when Savannah and Lexi were coloring outside around the table, and before I knew it there were 4 or 5 on lookers that I invited to color with them. It was so cute to watch the little ones be so creative with coloring. One of the little boys used every color on his picture. It was a very fun evening.

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nanadover said...

I'm surprised you didn't sneak a few of those precious little ones into your bag to bring home! I hope you gave them lots of hugs! They are all so cute!