Friday, September 3, 2010

Visiting "The Property"

I wish I could display these pictures in a panoramic form so you could see the beautiful full view of the property that Naomi & Michael purchased years ago, and are now preparing to start to build on.
It was exciting to see it in the beginning stages as they discussed how they might want the layout for the home, as to capture all of its beauty.
I'm not sure how quickly this project will take, nor am I sure how soon they plan to move there, but I try not to focus on that part. I am not very excited about it for selfish reasons. I really don't want to ever think of how far they will be away from us. Or the cost for us to go visit.

It was quite an adventure for the girls to try to walk around with being pretty rugged still.

There hope and dream it to have a home with all the comforts, and a balcony to enjoy every direction. To see the sunrise in the morning, and sunsets at night.

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