Friday, September 3, 2010

Visiting the Arizona of Kisumu

One of our day trips in Kisumu was to visit the
Kit Mikayi Historical Rock sight. Winnie called this area the Arizona of Kisumu because of all the large rocks.

It was easy to get up on top of these rocks for fun picture taking.

We arrived more toward the evening, so darkness didn't take long to fall upon us.

The story was told of a man that loved to come to this spot (the tabletop rock formation) for prayer and meditation. He spent so much time there that his wife said that the rock was his first wife (Mikayi in Luo language).
Part of the tour was to hike up between the rocks, then back down inside the rock cave where many would hold a prayer, or meditation time.

It was amazing that Winnie made it up to the top, but the idea of going down inside the rock cave in the dark was really not an option, and my lack of desire to go inside any cave made it easy for me to stay at the top with Winnie and enjoy the beautiful view.
Once all returned back out of the cave we walked back down in the dark, and joined in with the singing and dancing with the women that worked there.
This became part of a ritual for the women. It was said that once visiting this spot if the women would dance here that they would not leave there husbands. Jokingly Naomi asked what do the men do to keep them from leaving there wives? We never did get any response.
Naomi and I danced just the same.
It was a quiet dark drive back home from another fun adventure together.

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