Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grama & Grampa D. Time

This post is mainly pictures of our time in Elk Washington.

The weather was beautiful, and so was the location. It gave us many locations to take pictures, but the main interest was Brenna.

The first time she saw us she pointed and said "D". Which is how she identifies us. Grama and Grampa is still a challenge to her, but she did know who we were.

Tony enjoyed also his father son time.

Which I took advantage of as well. We never seemed to have Randi around to take pictures with her, so we missed that.

Brenna was sharing her snap pea with me, as well as her carrot from the garden.

We would go for walks to see the bears, pick wild flowers, or just on an adventure following Sadie. (The dog)

I was just so grateful that it didn't take the entire time for Brenna to warm up to Tony and I so we could enjoy her from closer up.


Brent and Randi said...

I'm glad you both had an enjoyable time. We were very happy that you came!

JoAnna and Zack said...

I love the pictures. sorry about my comment earlier. you look really good mom. love you.