Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas PJ's

I must admit it is getting more and more difficult to carry out this tradition of matching Christmas Pajamas since the family is getting larger and larger.
I think it is more meaningful to me than anyone else which makes it difficult for me to dissolve the tradition. I guess this is my way of feeling still connected as a family even though we are all living so far from one another. The hardest part of being a mother is letting go in many aspects of life.
I am so grateful for each of our children, and feel very blessed for the companions they have chosen to spend the eternities with. That also goes for JoAnna and Zack. He has been a big part of JoAnna's life for 5 years, so the news of an engagement was no big surprise, but a welcomed announcement.


Peter Nguyen said...

You have an African, an Asian and a handful of white in-laws. Where's the Mexicano? I'm sensing the R. word here.

Lorna DeRoest said...

We have several that speak Spanish, and Zack just got back from Argentina, so he could blend in pretty well.

Naomi said...

Pete, you crack me up!
Mom - thanks again for the fun Christmas tradition.
Love to all from Texas.