Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

We tend to carry out traditions during the holidays, one of which is to go to Mom DeRoest's on Christmas eve to spend it with the clan. This year was no different for Tony and I having dinner with all, then playing the pass along Christmas gift game. Everyone brought a simple gift that could be for a male or female, then we drew numbers to find out the order of who picks first. It was allot of fun. Even the dinner was kept simple with each bringing soup to share. I think it was nice to simplify all the stress, and more fully enjoy the time we have together. Rickie was the last to get his gift, so he could choose from any of the gifts. He chose the unopened package, and was thrilled to get a snuggie. I have never seen anyone so excited to receive such a gift. That was a great way to close the game, and the evening.

JoAnna was still in Arizona spending the Eve with the Donkin family, as well as starting a new memory, or traditions to come.
Zack Donkin asked JoAnna to marry him, and of course she said "Yes" ! So many decisions to make, as well as preparations in the 3 1/2 month time to work with. I know she has had allot of the preliminary decisions already done, but its amazing how many other decisions are still needed to make. Fun times lie ahead.
They have chosen to be married in the Portland Oregon Temple Friday April 16th 2010, with a reception following that evening, so please mark your calendars to come celebrate with us.

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