Monday, June 22, 2009

The cookie throw down

With Rodney, Lauren, and JoAnna being in town for such a short time, and so much needed to be done in preparation for Sunday, Randi decided we should have a "Cookie Throw down". The DeRoest's are quite competitive, and Randi shows all signs of being a true DeRoest.

The competition was between Tony who has been the family cookie baker for years with a secret ingredient of milk chocolate chip and butterscotch chips,

Rodney has perfected his own version of chocolate chip cookie and adds cinnamon for a great taste,
Randi who has vanilla pudding for her secret ingredient, and

Rodney's mother in law Stacey decided to enter her own special recipe with oats and nuts added.

After all dough was made and cookies were baked we all sat down to warm cookies with milk and judged what we like most about each secret recipe. I think Randi's cookie received the most votes, however it was also decided that a combination cookie would be very delicious. We all ended on a sugar high, but had a wonderful time together.

All the remainder cookies baked were put a on large platter for treats for Sunday.


Randi said...

I had so much fun I wanted to barf afterwards. I am glad that we were able to fit it into the busy schedule because it was a blast. I wonder what the next throw down will be...

Naomi said...

I'm bummed that y'all didn't save any for us...There's this great thing called overnight mail for the next throw-down. heehee.