Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brennalyn's blessing day

This day may have been special to family members both direct and extended, but to Brennalyn it was less than exciting. She was a bit overwhelmed with all the extra attention, the blessing dress which she dealt with for about 10 minutes before the meeting, then she had a total melt down and Randi took the dress off, and wrapped her in a blanket for the blessing. She at least stayed calm during the actual event.

After church both family and friends came here to the house for a BBQ dinner & visiting. Once again Brenna didn't last to long with all the over stimulation. What we all learned from this experience was that she really much rather deal with small groups, and taffeta fabric dresses are out of the question.
I enjoyed having all around from both near and far, as well as the many sacrifices to those that came here to show support on Fathers day. It was really special to have Randi's cousin come from Elk Washington, as well as some dear friends also from Elk. I know how much both Brent & Randi appreciated the gathering, and that Rodney, Lauren, and JoAnna were able to make a 24 hour turn around trip to make Brennalyn's big day even more special.

Thank You to all!

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Naomi said...

Sooo sad that we couldn't make the blessing but so glad that there was so much support and love shared.