Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin fun

Having all the kids, grand kids, and neice PJ with her sweet little one here for a week allowed us to have fun with traditions of old.
Friday Oct. 10th we all went for the first time to the Roloff pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin, but also to take pictures. I love the colors of fall, and the excitement of little ones running and looking for the perfect pumpkin. I know my little ones aren't so little any more. Nor are the babies old enough to really get excited to pick out a pumpkin, but still the pictures are great and the reflections of old are still treasured.
Sunday evening we did the pumpkin carving. Each with there own creations. I'm not sure if this time was enjoyed as much for all, but I know I appreciate all the times we could spend together. Thanks to all of my sweet children for humoring me.


Naomi said...

Momma we had a great time and really appreciate the fun activities that we got to do together as a family. We look forward to next time. :) Love from Texas!

Brent and Randi said...

We loved the time that we were able to spend with the family. Thanks to all for joining us at the farm. It was nice of you all to humor us.