Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Fruit Loop

JoAnna and I spent the day together enjoying the amazing beauty and colors of Fall along the Columbia River on a drive to and from Hood River. On the drive we also enjoyed the crispness of Mt. Hood looking so majestic.

This was our first experience of going from one farm to the next and trying a variety of Apples, pears, or many jams, jellies, and fruit butter. Our last stop was at a farm that had an outdoor BBQ that was wonderful. The bad part was we ate to much so it would have been a perfect time for a nap, which worked out for JoAnna for the drive home. However I felt a need to keep my eyes open for our safety.
I know the Dover bunch have enjoyed this tradition for a few years now. If I had known about this event a couple weeks ago, I would have like to enjoy it also with the family while they were in town. Our time was so limited however that it would have been very difficult to manage. I am appreciative that JoAnna is here this fall to have these special times with. She will be leaving back to Rexburg for school all to soon, so I am trying to take advantage of every moment and memory I am able to have with her.

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