Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family fun

After enjoying a spiritual feast these past two days with counsel and direction from our Prophet and general authorities I feel even more excited to have all the children come home for this weeks events.
I can hardly wait.
I am so very blessed with such a wonderful husband who I don't always show appreciation for, yet has put up with me for 33 +years. I also feel so blessed to have five amazing children. Three of the five who have chosen spouses who we love and have added so much to our family. We are so grateful for each one individually, and there parents that have raised them to be spiritual leaders, to guide and teach our grandchildren and future grandchildren during these challenging times. Next Saturday approaches fast and Rodney will add his chosen sweetheart to this eternal family, which will be another great day, and the purpose of our getting all together.
JoAnna continues to set a good example, as well as prepare spiritually for her day that is down the road a bit. We are enjoying having her close by for a season until she returns back to school the first of the year.
Neither Tony or I can express enough joy in our hearts for such wonderful blessing while watching our family grow through marriages and new grand babies that add such a fullness to us both. I hope these little ones can handle all the love and attention that is to come.
How grateful I am for my Savior who has made it possible for all of us to be together throughout the Eternities, because he loves us so much.
My Joy is truly Full.

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