Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ron & Pam's big day!

Tony arrived early Saturday morning to get Ron dressed for his big day. Then he had a few hours to meditate while Pam and her brides maids had their makeup and hair done in one of the classrooms at the church. The rest of the family scurried around getting the food done and final touches.
The long awaited time finally arrived. Everything went very beautifully. Of course there were a few glitches, but nothing that detracted too much from the beauty and excitement of the day. They were both so radiant and emotional. It was emotional for many in fact. We have so much we have been blessed with in life, however this day of joy was one that Ron never imagined would ever come.
After all gathered to watch them exchange a toast and cut the wedding cake they had their first dance that was so touching. The many things that we all take for granted in life. Pam sat on the arm rest of Ron's chair leaning into him as he guided his wheel chair in circles and figure eights gracefully around the dance floor.
How grateful I am that he has had these opportunities to grow, as well as feel this great joy.

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Toby Allen said...

I wanted to be there,Im so happy for Ron:).It looked like a beautiful ceremony,wonderful pics.Im so happy Ron finally found someone to share his life with.