Sunday, August 3, 2008

Arizona is smoking hot

I just returned from a trip to Sierra Vista, Arizona where they have beautiful skies both day and night. The purpose of my southern trek was to help get Brent and Randi all settled into their new home. One of the first ventures of my trip was to the furniture store however the store was closed so we went next door to the thrift store to find some amazing deals on a dining room table, coffee table, and 2 end tables (all at 75% off the normal price). So for a little over $100.00 they got the works!
Randi was in hopes of spending more time getting her classroom set up and organized this week. However she spent this week in meetings, so Brent and I got to go and help her with bulletin boards, setting up stations, and I even got to sew 24 chair covers with a pocket on back for the kids to put their papers in. Randi had all kinds of very creative ideas to make her room colorful and inviting. I think she is feeling more prepared and excited to meet with the kids tomorrow.

Brent had to deal with setting up his room with no air conditioning in the hot weather. The first day I went to help set up the desks, but then he returned to finish with the rest of the organization of books, cabinets, posters and the computer stations. He too was feeling better prepared as he completed his first two weeks of class outlines and assignments ready. Wednesday he will meet with his 5 periods of classes.
I am just so proud of the both of them for their hard work and preparation in teaching. They will both be amazing at touching the lives of their students.

After a week in the heat of Arizona, my return to Portland's evening temperature of 62 degrees has got me bundling up as I am freezing cold. Even though I was only gone a week it was amazing how fast that I had acclimated to the heat.
Though I had a wonderful time and am very grateful for the invitation to come and spend that bonding time with the kids, it's always nice to return home, sleep in my own bed, and even be a little chilly (especially at night). My time in Sierra Vista is something that I will treasure always. Thanks for sharing your new chapter with me Brent and Randi. Love you both.

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