Monday, March 24, 2008

Joy in Georgia

The middle of January Anthony and Chelsea moved to Valdosta, Georgia a couple miles off Moody Air force base. It was a challenge to get everything moved and live out of a suitcase for awhile, but the nice part was getting settled in there new home that they purchased. They seem to be really loving it there. The pictures they have sent show it as very comfortable. I'm excited they have a fenced yard for both Ethan and Jersey (the dog) to roam and play.
Since there move they have also ventured to the Florida coast to play on the beach. Ethan wasn't to sure about the vast amount of water, but the sand was amazingly fun to play in.
He also enjoys taking his toys for walks.
I am having a hard time as I realize on April 4th he will already be one year old. Boy how the time has flown by.

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