Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family time & jumpers

Hi there,
What's going on this week?
Last Friday we got to see Anthony & about 5 other pjs jump. We were told we could sit in the jeep. Ethan had fun seeing the helicopters while we waited. He handled the interrupted nap well, for a while anyway. Sadly we had to do the same thing on Saturday in order to work our date in to many other events. A worthy cause, but after a couple days of us waking him up (both morning & afternoon) he had a very hard time to put it mildly. Needless to say when it's within our control, nothing messes up his schedule. period.
Daddy made Ethan extra handsome for my talk on Sunday. They matched-minus the vest- Ethan was more than happy to take off his cute clothes, once we were home, and change. (: Last night he enjoyed playing in a small fort. He really wanted mommy & daddy to sit in it with him..since we're not miniature people like he is, we stuck our heads through the door.
Things stay busy here, lots to juggle, lots of running around. We're looking forward to our family time this next week. Enjoy a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving.


Randi said...

We can totally relate to interrupted nap times. We have had to wake B up a few times, but we try to avoid it if at all possible. E is growing up and we cant wait to see him next month. Love you guys.

Lorna DeRoest said...

You are creating fun memories for Ethan to look back on, as well as for you. I am so excited for Christmas time to have you all here in Oregon. Two more weeks.lor