Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yea for Easter & for contact

What a crazy few weeks! Thankfully I was able to talk to Anthony this afternoon. It was a bit traumatic leading up to us actually talking. Between both of us having a horrible signal it made things a bit complicated. He had called twice (though my phone didn't even ring or register the fact) and left messages. Ethan & I were having another Easter party at the time--our 3rd celebration now--with the Giddens, Walkers & Boxx families. So, we were even further out in the boonies..if that's possible. If I stayed by their garage it all worked out well. Still I think we spent as much time getting cut off & him calling as we did actually on the phone. Aggravating to say the least. He is doing well & enjoyed being able to talk to everyone at Grandma DeRoest's house, though he was hoping Tony was there (since he's on his own in Portland currently). I'll add pics from yesterday & today (both Easter parties with friends) and then more on Friday.
Happy Easter,
Chelsea & Ethan


Randi said...

I'm sorry you have had such a rough time connecting with Anthony. It looks like Easter was fun for Ethan(and hopefully you as well). Love you both!

Brent said...

I am grateful you were finally able to talk with Anthony to make the holiday more complete.
Ethan looks like he really was into the egg hunt. He understands the prize. What a cutie.
Lots of Love, momma D.

Naomi said...

It is frustrating having a bad connection over the phone! I totally sympathize with you. But I'm glad to hear that you were able to talk to Anthony a bit. I hope that you and Ethan had a great Easter. Thanks for the fun video and candy. Love from Texas!