Saturday, April 4, 2009

Party time!

Well, truthfully we didn't really get to celebrate much with everything that was going on prior to Anthony leaving. Though we did have a fun early Easter. We did open some early gifts (in Jan & March) from Grandma DeRoest & Brent, Randi & Brennalyn. I also needed to get Ethan some things and decided they could count as early birthday presents. The morning consisted of us running around, cleaning, de-cluttering & preparing for the birthday outing. Ethan had fun seeing friends from nursery & running around with new faces as well. We made an unexpected trip in the morning to assist some friends in the ward. We were able to talk to Anthony along with both Grandmas, Auntie Jo & Brent & Randi.

I'm trying to get the videos by another means & then sending them. Please ignore the shaky hand videos along with the garmies (sorry!) & horrid, awful cake. For those who got my email, you know that story by now. It was a nice effort but SO not what I envisioned. It didn't effect the yumminess, that has to count for something. (: Yumminess is a word by the way.

Anthony is doing well, continuing to build the area so that it's functioning & operating like a normal base. We got to catch up a little about the week & he told me a bit of his experience with his first rescue mission. He wishes he was more connected & new what was going on in the world. I guess that will improve once they're finally online. Ethan was very giggly when Anthony called & was willing to talk briefly.
All is well here..I'm looking forward to some down time tomorrow & enjoying conference.

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Lorna DeRoest said...

Looks like all had a great time, which shows that all of your hard work payed off. Ethan is quiet a little man. I am glad Anthony received clearance to call, and make Ethan's day even more special for the three of you.
Thank you for all that you do.
Love ya, Momma D.