Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to school

JoAnna, Rodney & Lauren left on there trip to school in Rexburg Idaho, which leaves the house and the pace very solemn. Rodney only stayed for a few days to get things settled before having to return here for his Marine duty which kept him in Portland for a week. It was difficult for Lauren to be without him, in fact it is the first time being away from home, and at a new school that made it all the more difficult. The good news with all the flooding going on in Washington was Rod's duty kept him here in Portland rather than the scheduled trip, therefore he could leave a few days earlier and surprise Lauren last Sunday night while she was at JoAnna's apartment for dinner. Its good that they all have each other close for extra strength and comfort.
JoAnna was so excited when she left here to get settled into her new apartment, however last Saturday she got a real bomb shell dropped on her with an eviction notice for the end of Winter semester. She signed the contract the end of May 2008 for both winter and summer, but in August the house was sold and has been renovated so they want allot more money for summer semester. The sad part was she only had a copy of the contract that she sighed, not the copy of the one with the previous owners signature, so they will not honor it. That is business. Needless to say what started to be an exciting adventure, soon turned out to be a nightmare that she is learning allot from., but with the help and support of Peter we are in hopes that she will win this battle. Who knows what will happen, but this is an experience that she will never forget.


Brent and Randi said...

We are glad that they all got there safe. Hopefully things fall into routine for them and they enjoy their semester.

DeRoest's in GA. said...

Poor JoAnna, what a mess. I'm sure once it's all worked out it will be for the best. We don't know why some things happen until later. Looking back we can see that they turned out to be a blessing.