Friday, November 28, 2008

A time of Thanksgiving

We have truly had a time of Thanksgiving, even though we are apart. JoAnna, Tony and I enjoyed a great time and meal with Rodney's new in-laws, and our friends for years, the Yeaman family in Kalama, Washington. It was fun to visit, enjoy a wonderful feast, and be entertained by the serenading of one of the LDS missionaries who played the violin. Such a beautiful talent. He played a variety of types of music, but closed with a hymn and bearing his testimony of our Savior great divine plan of happiness. I am grateful for my knowledge and comfort of the gospel that leads and guides myself and my family in our everyday life.

Both Brent & Randi, Anthony & Chelsea sent pictures of there special Thanksgiving.

I remember how amazing it was to be off on our own, away from the extended family, and enjoy the time as husband and wife.

We missed the big gathering, yet were Thankful for the start of our future together. I am glad that the kids are enjoying those things as well. We have much to be Thankful for.


Brent and Randi said...

It is good to see you back in the blogging world again. We did miss the big family gathering this year, but you are right that it was nice to spend time together. We love and miss you.

DeRoest's in GA. said...

We enjoy the updates & seeing what each of you are up to. I'm glad everyone had a great Thanksgiving. You are in our thoughts & prayers.
Chelsea, Anthony & Ethan