Sunday, November 30, 2008

No longer a teenager

Today my baby turned 20 years old. She seemed to be very excited to be considered an adult. Its amazing how the feeling changes as we get older. I know from watching my children get older that I to must be as well, however if it weren't for the occasional aches or pains, I really don't feel like I should be as old as I am. Age really becomes irrelevant.
JoAnna decided for her birthday she wanted to make home made turkey pot pies, so Saturday night we made both vegetable pot pies, and turkey with broccoli pot pies for Sunday dinner. Rodney & Lauren came from Kalama Washington to join us, as well as cousin Cameo. It was a small gathering for dinner and visiting, then we enjoyed watching Christmas specials in the evening. I can always count on JoAnna to join me with that tradition. Its the only time of year that I reserve the TV.


nanadover said...

Happy belated Birthday JoJo!
It really can't be 20 years already! "I remember when you were born". (I know...that one gets old after awhile....but it's true! And I remember when Cameo used to grab you and say..."My baby!" I'm happy you both have stayed close for all these years!
I love you JoJo! And I am so proud of the person that you are! You are one special young lady!
Aunt Cathy

Troy and Bonnie Card said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! My girls still remember "fun JoJo" from Nana's house in played games with us at the dining room table. Maybe you remember? Anyway, Happy Birthday.
Your California Cousins.
Bonnie (Troy and Scott, Megan and Elizabeth) Card