Thursday, July 10, 2008

child proofing our home

This past week we enjoyed having Peter, Jessica, and Ezekiel come visit on their way from California to Rexburg Idaho. Ezekiel has grown so much, and with a little persuasion he finally got to the point that Grandma and Grandpa D were OK to go to. We even enjoyed occasional hugs without tricking him.
As you can see he was so quick to discover the many things we had down at his level, so Jessica ran around moving things up. His biggest fascination was anything that plugged in. He loved electrical items, so we would move furniture to cover plugs, or just unplug items.
I do have a basket of toys which kept his attention occasionally. Especially the stick horse. He didn't know to ride it, but he would hold onto the stick, and drag it around basically sweeping the floor.
Next time we meet we will need to go through the get-to-know-you-games all over again, as we will with Ethan and Savannah. But we will focus on getting the house child-proofed before next months visit with Ethan.

Tony, Rodney and I have also spent this week picking cherries. This has been the biggest crop of cherries we have ever had. Usually just the birds are privileged to enjoy them, however this year they were a bit overwhelmed, so we managed to pick about 34 gallons to share, can, dry,freeze and use for fruit smoothies. Peter and Jessica enjoyed eating them, but Ezekiel preferred bananas.

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