Monday, June 2, 2008

the college experience

It has been such a wonderful weekend in Rexburg with JoAnna. She was feeling so homesick, which was a wonderful opportunity for me to satisfy my desire to go see her. I was just glad that she was so excited as well to have me come.
Friday we did errands of getting the things that she needed since I have a car, its easier to pack things. We found the movies that finished off the series of "Love comes softly", so that was our evening activity. We also enjoyed walking around campus taking pictures of some of the nicest spots. On such a clear day it just seemed a good thing to do for fun memories.
Saturday was a day to go back in time by preparing for a Beetles concert. Which meant going to DI to find the perfect clothing. I normally get right in to dressing up, but the real satisfaction was watching the students get so into it. JoAnna wore her girls camp t-shirt that was tie-died and said the Beetles on the front, then she wrote in the various titles of albums on the back. There was allot of tie-die of many brite colors there. Her roommate wore my turquoise jumpsuit from 32 years ago that JoAnna brought here for a costume. I must say it made a great costume once again. And to think that I actually wore it as a dress outfit and felt it was very classie in its day.
The Music group "1964 The Tribute" have been invited to come back to Rexburg for several years at the end of spirit week to perform, and they really sound amazing. The evening was so much fun.
I can tell that I am not as young as I used to be by burning the candle at both ends. JoAnna started her morning by going to church for meetings at 7:00am, then I joined her with her roommates at 9:00am. It was allot of fun to watch her in action as a leader not only at home, but also at church. She has established so many wonderful qualities that I really admire, and hope to refocus on for myself.
After church it was fun to go to the temple and enjoy walking around, as well as discuss the future. The weather has been so nice all weekend, so the setting of the temple over looking the city was so beautiful.
I am so very glad JoAnna has such great room-mates and friends to make her college experience a great memorable one to reflect back on in years to come.


nanadover said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! I remember those special times with my college kids!
Love Cathy

Naomi said...

I agree that JoAnna has some amazing qualities that I would like to emulate as well. I'm so glad that you got to spend time together and that y'all captured such cute memories! Thanks for sharing. Love from TX.