Saturday, February 9, 2008

welcoming Savannah

It was allot of fun having family & friends over to the house for a long distance baby shower that was in celebration and excitement of little Savannah's soon to be arrival. Though Naomi wasn't there personally, she was in poster to enjoy the event. Which everyone enjoyed being able to see her pregnant, and thought she looks great! What an exciting event! I know she has had a couple other showers in Austin from both Michael's work, and her work. All showing there great support also. Needless to say Savannah will be set with adorable clothing, bedding, and furniture. Now we all just need to be patient until her arrival in March.

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JoAnna and Zack said...

oh these pictures are so cute. i wish I could have been there. is that thing that looks like a cake, is it a blanket with all that stuff. I cant tell if it is just a blanket or if it is something you buy that looks like a cake that is awesome.