Friday, February 22, 2008

Joanna's Temple

These past couple of months have been such wonderful times for JoAnna to help with participating with the Temple to be open in Rexburg. Though she doesn't have a recommend, she has been able to spend allot of time prior to the open house and dedication cleaning the inside, as well as a special tour throughout, and on the roof top for a closer look of the angel Moroni.
The dedication of the temple was postponed a week due to President Hinkley's death and service, which allowed her another week of helping set up chairs and prepare for the dedication. She has truly been blessed to enjoy the spirit of service. Now that the temple has been dedicated to the Lord's house, she has gone a couple times to do baptisms. One of which was shared with her lifetime friend Lindsey Robrect. I know this experience does not happen in everyone's life, but how grateful I am that she has taken advantage and enjoyed this once in a life time experience. Needless to say, she feels this is the temple she wants to someday go into when she gets married.

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