Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bouncing boys & bonding brothers

Ethan & Parker continue (for the most part) to enjoy their time together. It's fun to watch them interact & just be boys. In a little over 5 weeks Ethan will be at preschool each day. I hope it's a smooth transition & a new chapter that we'll each enjoy. It will be a change that's for sure. He'll be able to make more friends and I look forward to needing to find sitters less often. (At least I'll only need one watched when those instances arise). Not to mention, shopping, or going anywhere, with just one child sounds ga-lor-ious--done in a singing voice. I will miss my little buddy but am glad I'll have his brother's company for a while.

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Lorna DeRoest said...

I love how well they get along. Both are so cute together. I can tell where Parker will be in no time climbing up on Ethan's bed. Two little monkey's jumping on the bed.