Monday, May 30, 2011

A Sobering Moment of Appreciation.

Today was a day to remember the many that have passed on, and appreciate what they stood for.
Tony and I started our day by going to the cemetery first to place a marker on dads grave, then onto the Willamette National Cemetery to see the sea of flags of the many in the military that have served our country. It was a very sobering feeling to drive through, and as far as the eyes can see there are rows and rows of flags by every headstone; thousands upon thousands of flags.

When our children were younger we would go and help place the flags. Scout troops from all over the Willamette valley volunteered for that special chance, or opportunity, then come back for the special flag raising ceremony, and the honor guard salute.
I think it sank deep in their hearts, and instilled a great love for our country, as well as those that helped to protect it.

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