Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Enjoying fall

How are things lately?
This last week has gone well even with some extra things added to our days. Ethan enjoyed a couple sweet Halloween packages (ok, we did too). He got to be outside with daddy for part of the yard overhaul.
On Sunday Anthony spoke in Sacrament & did a wonderful job. It was spiritual as well as funny--and emotional of course for those listening. I enjoyed teaching a primary class for the day. As I looked around there were only a few of us (and a ton of kids). Not knowing how many rows this class sat in, I thought I had anywhere from 5-10. I was surprised to have a few (a relief since they do so much better participating when there are less!).

Ethan & I had to pick up some things at the mall last Friday and saw fire safety shows/tours. He saw other kids & cool new things so we stopped of course. I convinced him to get in the fire engine with a group of kids. He was happy to, and leery once he realized I wasn't joining him. You can't tell from the picture but the area was full of a preschool class.

This morning we had awesome weather so we went to Mckey park. We've liked the other side with the bridges lately. Yesterday he & I went 'downtown' to register the car (and re-register the truck). We'd had expired tags for a while--oopsies. Can't say it crossed my mind these last 2 months w/ preparing for my hubby's return, going away as a fam a couple times & then getting back into 'normal life.' All is well, we're kept busy with our many responsibilities & work. We enjoy uninterrupted time together whenever we're able. We love & miss you,
Chelsea and fam


Naomi said...

I'm glad that y'all are enjoying the fall and your time together. Looks like you're having fun adventures. Thanks for sharing. :-) Love from Texas!

Randi said...

Chelsea I love all of the fun things that you do with E. You are such a fun mom. Hugs and kisses. We love you.