Sunday, September 7, 2008

Randi's Pregnant!!!

We've held off this long, but it's time to announce it to everyone. Randi is 9 weeks pregnant and feeling every minute of it! We talk about it as if there are two babies in her stomach, but there's no telling for sure... I just have a feeling.

We are extremely excited, and have patiently waited for this moment since we got married two years and nine months ago. We agreed to hold off on having children until both of us finished with our bachelor's degree. I must admit, we were both a little envious of all of our friends and family who were having children, but our sadness was suppressed at every opportunity that we had to spend time with all of your little ones. For that, I want to thank you all.

With that being said, I can't wait for the big day! It came upon us much quicker than expected. When we first moved here to Arizona, we decided to start trying, but our mindset was sometime between now (September) and December. Either way, we reached our goal and we'll have our little miracle(s) on or around April 10th. It's exciting for all I'm sure, but I haven't stopped smiling since we first found out. Randi would say the same, but her smiles of joy are frequently interrupted by pain. She is very excited as well though, and looking more beautiful every day. Even in her worst times, I'm sure she gets annoyed with me for smiling while she feels so bad, but I can't help but love this woman more as she goes through these tough times~

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