Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Time out to Reflect

We had a really nice time with Brent & Randi in Tacoma, and Seattle this past weekend. First meeting each other for the "Time out for Couples" where we got the opportunity to gain a new perspective on our relationships as husband and wife, and also a reminder of who we really are. It was great. Naomi and Michael had the same opportunity a few weeks back to attend the Time out in Texas, where they had the same motivational speakers. That made it more exciting for us to look forward to after hearing how much they enjoyed it. It was everything we expected. After the seminar we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory and had a nice dinner. We stayed overnight at a hotel, and the following morning we visited Seattle. I had never seen the Space Needle up close before but Lorna, Brent, and Randi had; each separate occasions. After that we rode the monorail to nearby Pike's Street Market where we walked the marketplace, ate lunch, and walked more market place. They were throwing fish, and entertaining all the onlookers. It was fun. My back was giving me problems, and it was quite painful to walk that much, but the experience was all worth it. After the market we went back to the Space Needle and watched an I-max film in 3D. Back at the hotel we celebrated Brent and Randi" almost 2 year anniversary with opening a bottle of "Martinelli's". We played pool in the Hotel recreation room. The next day was back in Tacoma and we went to the Zoo. Randi seemed to enjoy that the most. After the Zoo we said our goodbye's and hit the road for home. Again, I think we all had a really fun time being together and just taking the time to relax.


Naomi said...

So glad to read that y'all had a good time and fun experiences in Seattle. Dad, it's good to hear from you too! Sorry that your back is giving you trouble...take it easy okay?!
Love you forever,

Naomi said...

Love the pic's that you've included! Brent & Randi congrats on 2 years of wedded bliss! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had tons O fun! Can't wait to see you during Christmas!